Volunteer Mini Bus Driver Assistant

What: Volunteer Mini Bus Driver Assistant

Where: Various locations around Galway City and County

When: Approximately 2 -3 hours per week as required. Days and hours flexible

Service Description:

Sonas Day Centre is a drop in centre for older people in Mervue offering social support, home visits, shopping, and laundry, information advocacy in relation to health, welfare and housing. Health promoting activities and classes are available. They run a weekly lunch club; breakfast club and link with local services to ensure older people are supported to stay living at home. The service is open six days per week.

Community Support Project: Our community support worker supports older people in Melodys court Renmore. Group and 1-1 support is provided. Supports include information and advocacy in relation to health, welfare and housing, activities, outings and shopping trips.

Volunteer Role Description: To assist the COPE Galway mini bus driver in enabling older people to attend their lunch club and /or go on a weekly shopping trip. The assistant will be responsible for collecting and dropping older people home, ensuring that they are safe getting on/off the bus and chatting with older people on the bus. The assistant will travel in the main body of the bus with the clients, sitting in a position that allows for good visibility of clients, seat belts and doors.

Main tasks:

Ø  Ensure there is a mobile phone on board which is fully charged and working.

Ø  Along with the driver liaise with the staff in charge regarding clients collections and report anything of note.

Ø  Assist clients entering and leaving the bus.

Ø  Assist in securing clients on the bus.

Ø  Ensure the driver does not drive off before everyone is secured.

Ø  Inform the driver if any seat belts or other equipment is loose or insecure.

Ø  Prevent clients from leaving the vehicle before it has come to a complete stop.

Ø  Assist the driver in reversing or parking as required.

Ø  Assist the driver in an emergency or breakdown.

Ø  Ensure emergency contact list is on board.

Level of English required: Good level of English required for the role.

For further information on this role or to apply, please contact the Volunteer Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 091 778750.


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