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  • Community Catering

COPE Galway Senior Support comprises of three different areas - Community Catering, Sonas Day Centre and Community Support.


Community Catering

The objective of Community Catering is to enable older people to live independently in their homes as long as possible by satisfying their nutritional and social requirements.

Find out more information about applying for Community Catering, view a sample of our menu or sign up for our meals.

Sonas Day Centre

Sonas Day Centre has been providing support to older residents in the area since the 1970’s providing daily support which enables them to continue living independently at home and reduces the risk of isolation.

Find out more information about what we do and our Activities, Outings & Lunch Club

We recently celebrated Mervue Lunch Club's 6th Birthday. Listen back here to interviews and stories on Keith Finnegan Show (39mins in).

Community Support

COPE Galway employ a community based worker to support older people who live alone.  The overall aim of this project is to prevent social isolation and promote healthy ageing through a community development approach.  The community worker is available 4 days per week to respond to the needs of older people throughout Galway City and to support them to address issues both collectively and individually.

Supports include one to one support, community support and lunch clubs.

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