Man up

UFC Fighter Cathal Pendred is fronting SAFE Ireland’s MAN UP Campaign this year with a call out to all men to use their common power to stand up against domestic violence. “I know it might surprise some people that a UFC Mixed Martial Arts Fighter is involved in a campaign against domestic violence,” he says, “And yes, I’m a fighter.  It’s my job. It’s my passion. But one of my golden rules is to always keep my aggression in the ring”.


Man Up is about the positive & powerful role that men can play in ending domestic violence, in challenging abuse and supporting women & children. Men have a critical responsibility to be positive role models for children & young boys. This influencing role of men is an important theme in this year's MAN UP Campaign. 
Here in Galway, COPE Galway’s Waterside House met with local athletes from Galway Boxing Club and Galway Kickboxing Club and received amazing support from the lads as you can see from the photos! 
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