About the Project

COPE Galway employ a community based worker to support older people who live alone.  The overall aim of this project is to prevent social isolation and promote healthy ageing through a community development approach.  The community worker is available 4 days per week to respond to the needs of older people throughout Galway City and to support them to address issues both collectively and individually.

Supports Provided

Our community worker provides practical support to communities of older people in the city aiming to support them to live independently in their own home through a range of group and individual initiatives.

One to One Support

  • The one to one work is focused on practical supports such as shopping, form- filling and information sourcing.
  • Social and emotional support for people who are isolated.
  • Increasing social networks: finding out about groups and activities for older people in the area and providing a link to these groups.
  • Providing information on health and well-being and linking with health care providers.

Community Support

  • The CSW supports communities to create opportunities to take part in health promoting activities
  • Organising classes, activities and information sessions.
  • Assisting in the setting up of residents’ groups and supporting these groups to develop effectively.
  • Support community groups to apply for grants and make funding applications.
  • The community worker provides a link between communities and local agencies, services and volunteers.

In the past we have supported the development of intergenerational projects with local schools and student projects with third level colleges.

Lunch Clubs

In recent years, our community worker has supported the establishment of a number of lunch clubs for older people with local community groups in the city and county area. A lunch club provides a relaxed community space run by volunteers, where older people can meet, socialise and eat together. This initiative brings communities together for good food and chat and through their involvement in the lunch clubs older people have access to sustainable supports from neighbours and volunteers in their community. At present there are six lunch clubs running regularly in the city: here is a taste of what those who attend think about them.

“It was my first time here and I was a bit nervous coming in but when I arrived I knew half of them from years ago! It’s a great way of getting to see people that you haven’t seen for ages”

 “It’s a great way to meet people and if you don’t make an effort you’ll never meet anyone”

Our lunch club toolkit is currently available.  Please click below to access the toolkit.

COPE Galway Lunch Club Toolkit

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