What we do

We prepare meals fresh every day in our custom built modern kitchen in Ballybane in Galway. We currently prepare and deliver up to 200 meals per day – we produced almost 56,000 meals in 2012. Meals are delivered direct to the door by a team of committed volunteers who ensure that no meal is ever left without contact with the client. Drivers are liaising with our clients on a daily basis and are often the first to notice changes in physical and mental wellbeing which they then flag to us. We will then make contact with the next of kin or relevant agencies to inform them. This ensures that the service is not just one of nutritional value but also an essential check-up on the wellbeing of our clients.



Some of our key attributes are:

  • A variety of daily menu options – 4/5 options per day
  • Catering for all dietary needs e.g. coeliac, diabetic, renal, gluten free etc
  • Catering for clients who require altered consistency meals e.g. cut up, minced , pureed etc.
  • Service is completely client centred – clients can stipulate their personal food likes/dislikes and this will be reflected in their meal plan. Individualised and personalised service
  • Seven day flexible service – clients can come on and off without notice. A person discharged from hospital in the morning can have a meal delivered that same lunchtime.
  • Competitive pricing – a main course and dessert costs 6 euro only including delivery
  • No additives or preservatives are used in any of the meals.

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