Step by Step guide including payment process.

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How do I apply?

You can complete the online form or call us on 091 700800. We are happy to discuss your requirements anytime between 9.30 – 3pm Monday to Friday

Who can apply?

Anyone who needs the service.  We are primarily an older person’s service but are very happy to accommodate the needs of anyone who feels they are not eating properly or who have a meals requirement

Are there minimum age requirements?

No, anyone can apply for the service

How much is the service?

6 euros for two courses (soup and main course or main course and dessert)

What if I can’t afford the service?

Please call us to discuss your personal circumstances

What time will my meal be delivered at?

We have different delivery slots dependent on your location but most meals are delivered between 12 and 1.30. We can specify your delivery slot when we are discussing your requirements

What if I’m not in to receive my meal?

If you can’t be at home you can nominate a neighbour to take the meal in on your behalf. For health and safety reasons we can’t leave meals unattended on windows or porches

What if I want to cancel or reschedule my meal delivery?

Simply give us a call on 091 700800. For on the day meal changes please call us the previous evening or by 9am that morning at the latest.

Can I come on and off service as I wish?

Of course, please call us and we will amend your requirements

I have special dietary requirements, what do I do?

Simply let us know when you are applying for the service, we cater for all dietary needs

I dislike quite a few foods, how do I make sure I don’t receive them?

Let us know when applying what foods you like and dislike and we will draw up your meal plan to take account of your preferences

How do I pay for my meals?

There are a number of payment options, weekly payment, standing order, cheques and direct debit. We can offer an introductory discount for direct debit payers and it means you never get behind on your account

What size are the meals?

We have three sizes, small, medium and large. If your meal is too small/large please let us know and we will amend

Is the dessert included in the price?

Yes, the price includes the price of the dessert so you are receiving a two course meal for 6 euros

Who delivers the meals?

We have a highly trained team of committed volunteer drivers who deliver the meals to our clients. They provide much needed social contact as well as delivering the meals and are a good link in to the community. They are also trained to recognise changes in physical and mental wellbeing and are able to flag problems to us if need be. We then immediately link in with next of kin or the relevant agencies.

What happens if I have a problem with my account?

Please contact on 091 700800 and we will sort out any problems you might have

How do I cancel my meals delivery?

Simply call us on 091 700800 and we can do that immediately

I have health problems which makes it difficult for me to answer the door?

Simply let us know when you are applying what your personal situation is – it could be hearing problems/mobility issues etc. We can tailor your delivery to suit you – drivers will wait for you to get to the door or can use a key/code should you have one to gain entry

I have a complaint about my meals, what do I do?

Please call us on 091 700800 and we will do our utmost to sort out the problem. We welcome feedback good or bad, we want to make the service the best possible for our clients so we welcome your opinions.

How often does the menu change?

We usually have four or five menu options each day to ensure you receive meals you enjoy eating. We also work on a four week rotating menu which means you don’t receive the same meals on the same day every week. In the summer we provide tasty nutritious salads and we are constantly developing our menu to offer you a wide and tasty variety of meals

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