1. I am homeless, what should I do?

If you are in Galway City contact the Housing Department at Galway City Council on College Road and register as homeless with them.  If it is outside of their office hours (in the evening time, at the weekend or on a public holiday) you can make contact one of COPE Galway Emergency Accommodation Services.

If you are outside of Galway City you can contact the housing department of the local authority where you are.  

2. I am at risk of losing my home and becoming homeless, what should I do?

Do everything possible to keep your home.  COPE Galway Homeless Prevention Services may be able to help you.  If your tenancy is at risk due to a dispute with your landlord or you have been given notice to quit, Threshold Housing Advice may be able to assist you.

3. How can I get housing?

After you have registered as homeless with the housing department of your local authority (Galway City or County Council) you can complete an application form for Social Housing Support and your housing need will be assessed.  It is important that you do this as you will need to be assessed as in need of housing support before either the local authority can put you on their waiting list or to qualify for rent supplement so as to be able to secure private rented accommodation.

COPE Galway Day Centre can support you in this process and in your search for accommodation.

4. How can COPE Galway help me?

If you are at risk of losing your accommodation and becoming homeless the COPE Galway ‘Prevention’ service can provide you with information and advice.

If you are homeless and ‘in need of emergency accommodation’, COPE Galway emergency accommodation service may be able to assist you.  

If you are experiencing difficulties in sustaining your tenancy COPE Galway ‘Resettlement and Tenancy Support Services’ may be able to assist you.  

If you need assistance in relation to applying for social welfare and for other financial support such as rent supplement, ‘COPE Galway Day Centre Service’ can assist you by providing information and assistance with form filling and advocating with and for you in this regard.  

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