Fundraising At Work

Office fundraising can take place on whatever scale you want. There are plenty of ideas below and check out our A_Z of Fundraising ideas for some inspiration.  If you want to talk through your plans with us, we'd love to hear from you.

You can also request a fundraising pack for further ideas.  We can provide posters, collection buckets and support to help your fundraising go smoothly.

Office fundraising ideas

  • Swear box / Late for meeting box - pop a collection box on a central desk in the office and agree your fines!
  • Collection box - Why not place a collection box on the Reception desk and encourage staff to deposit their coppers in it on their way home every evening?
  • Organise a sweepstake – whether it's for the Grand National, Wimbledon or the next World Cup organise a sweepstake with 50% for the winner and 50% for charity.
  • Dress down day - All staff make a donation to come to work in casual clothes
  • Cake sale - An oldie but a goodie - ask staff to bring in cakes and biscuits to be sold at morning coffee break time to raise funds.
  • Raffle - Write to local shops and gyms requesting raffle prizes and then sell tickets around the office for the big draw.
  • Sponsored Sleep Over - This fundraiser is popular in schools and youth groups, but why not challenge your colleagues to spend a night without their creature comforts sleeping on the floor of the staff room
  • Donate your time - Ask colleagues to donate what they earn for the last hour of the month or year
  • Auction of promises - Get your colleagues to donate their time or skills and then auction them off - e.g. A night's babysitting, a day of gardening, an afternoon of DIY
  • Sponsored challenge - Would a team from your office like to jump from a plane, run a marathon or climb a mountain? If so, do get in touch and we can help you organise this.
  • Many companies agree to match funds raised for charity by their staff, so do always check whether your employers will do this.


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