Internet Safety



Online Safety

It is not possible to delete or clear all your online activities completely. Computers can store a lot of information you might think is private such as what you look up on the Internet, the emails and messages you send, web based purchases etc

If you are worried that someone will track your online activities on your home computer, try to use a computer in an internet café, a public library or a trusted friend’s house.

Emails and Phone Use

Emails are not the safest or best way to talk to someone about the danger or abuse in your life. It is better to call a Helpline or Support Service from a safe location.


Store Helpline/Support Service numbers in a safe way – maybe under a fictitious name or a friends name if you feel that would be safe.

Remember to check the Call Register on your mobile phone and delete any records of calls that could raise suspicion.

Delete text messages you have sent or received, and if your phone stores delivery reports for text messages that you send make sure to delete these also.

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