Dating Abuse

What Counts as Dating Abuse

Physical Abuse

Involves violent or threatening contact with another persons body. This can be slapping, shoving, kicking, pinching, punching, ect

Verbal & Emotional Abuse

Involves the spoken word. This can be name calling, making you feel low about yourself and playing mind games

Sexual Abuse

Being forced to take part in any sexual activity when you don’t want to or being exposed against your will to sexually explicit material


I Feel?

  • Lonely when you stop me from spending time with my friends
  • Confused when one minute you love me and the next you hurt me
  • Embarrassed when you slag me off and put me down in front of our friends
  • Trapped when you say you love me and can’t go on without me
  • Controlled when you’re constantly texting and checking up on me
  • Embarrassed when you slag me off and put me down in front of our friends


Digital Dating Abuse

  • Constant texting, calling/ emailing, Facebook messaging you to either threaten or check up on you.
  • Threatening to share photos or videos of you via texting, Facebook, snap chat.
  • Posing as you on Facebook.
  • Sends you unwanted, explicit pictures and /or demands you send some in return.
  • Checks your phone.
  • Demands to know your passwords for your social media sites.


Digital safety

  • Know your privacy setting for social networks such as Facebook.
  • Keep your passwords private.
  • Be mindful when using check in on your phone.
  • Don’t send partially nude or nude photos to others.
  • Abusive texts, comments, Facebook posts can be used as evidence if you need to so don’t delete them!!
  • Try to avoid responding to harassing, abusive inappropriate texts, posts, comments as it may make your situation worse.


How to help a friend

  • Express concern and let your friend know that things won’t get better on their own.
  • Be patient with them, it may take time for your friend to realise the relationship is over.
  • Write down supports that they already have in their life.
  • Write down supports your friend already has.
  • Tell your friend about places that they can go to talk.
  • Don’t get caught in the middle, don’t confront the abuser.
  • Don’t ask what caused the abuse- there is no excuse for abuse.


Ending a Relationship Safely

  • Don’t break up with your partner in person if you do not feel safe: text or email them.
  • Don’t try to explain the reasons for ending the relationship more than once.
  • Let your friends and family know that you are ending the relationship, especially if you think your ex will try and confront you when you are alone.
  • If attending parties and there is a possibility that your ex will be there make sure you have friends with you for support.
  • TRUST YOURSELF! If you feel afraid or intimidated you probably have good reason.

 It’s Not Me, It’s U

For Supports Please Contact:

COPE Galway Waterside House: 091- 565985
Women’s Aid National Helpline - 1800341900
Teen Line Ireland: 1800 833 634
ISPCC: 1800 666 666

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