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Launch of COPE Galway Annual Report 2013

Growing Housing Crisis Sees Increased Demand for COPE Galway’s services

Press release  - August 2014

COPE Galway, a local organisation providing social services for some of the most vulnerable and isolated people in our community, have launched their annual report for 2013. The report highlights the growing housing crisis in Galway and the challenges faced by the organisation in providing their services.  COPE Galway work with people affected by homelessness, women and children experiencing domestic violence, and older people.


Significant increase in number of women accessing support from COPE Galway Waterside House Domestic Violence services

In 2013 a total of 392 individual women experiencing domestic violence accessed the services of COPE Galway Waterside House and over 1,200 crisis calls were responded to – this reflected a 39% increase in drop-in visits to the service where women called to the door with no prior appointment seeking support and information regarding their situation.


End of Year Review 2013

COPE Galway – 2013 Year in Review

COPE Galway, the local charity providing services in homelessness, domestic violence and older people has released a review of its services for 2013 to date. The figures show the number of people in Galway accessing their services, which indicates an increase in demand for their services overall.